Who We Are

Data and cyber threats to businesses are rapidly growing. Every organization and business should have a simple, fast, reliable, cost-effective way to recover from any data loss.

Sky Data Vault was founded in 2013 to make that happen.

We realized that most organizations were in a very fragile position. Some were using tape backups. Some were using hardware-bound cloud-based services that still needed complex system maintenance. Some had no backups at all! When failures occurred, recovery didn’t always happen.

We knew we could dramatically simplify a  big chunk of the problem by offering a cloud-based service. Others were starting to do that too, of course, but most did not include all the services needed to keep it running smoothly. So we decided to include these services with our offerings. We also knew the industry standard “snapshotting” approach to backups is very inefficient and prone to catastrophic failures.

We decided that we could create a complete, effective solution that would help every organization enjoy the confidence a truly reliable backup and recovery service without having to think about it or dedicate people to manage it.

All of our services are based on three principles.

  1. M is for Managed.
    We don’t think our clients should have to work hard to use our services. Once you establish your Sky Data Vault service, you won’t need to think about it again till you need it.
  2. Resilient backup methods.
    Traditional “Snapshotting” backups use huge amounts of storage and bandwidth which make them slow and costly. The way they represent data can easily break. Disaster recovery should be prepared for the worst. Our “File and Folder” methodology is much faster, more flexible, uses less space, and is far more resilient.
  3. Customers come first.
    We are here to make it as easy as possible for you to be as secure as possible. Every hour of every day.

We strive to make every one of our Agent and MSP Partners successful, and make sure their clients are covered, no matter what.

Our Founders

Dave McPeak

Co-Founder, President

As a serial entrepreneur, Dave has spent more than 20 years in the IT industry building companies focused on IT and IT services. Prior to Sky Data Vault, Dave was a Founder in other successful ventures spanning the IT landscape, from MSP services, Hosted Applications, and Technology Consulting. He enjoys simplifying complex business technologies into usable tools for organizations to run more efficiently and focus on their core mission. When not managing the day to day operations of the Engineering and Support teams, he is always eager to interface with the SDV Partner Community to address complex customer requirements and ensure the Partner is engineering the right solution for its customers.

Dave is a former Sergeant in the Marine Corps and brings a great passion and drive to the success of the SDV Partner Community. When not engineering solutions for our Partners, Dave enjoys spending time with his 3 children in Clarksburg, MD. Hobbies that keep him busy outside of SDV include international travel, on line gaming, and catching the latest movie premiere with his girls.

Michael Thompson

Co-Founder, VP Sales and Strategy

Michael has over twenty years of professional experience working in the IT and Professional Services Industry, focused on areas of technology, business advisory service, strategic planning, and sales process / training. Prior to founding Sky Data Vault, Michael held a variety of executive and sales leadership positions in a range of IT services industries. From supporting Fortune 500 companies for multibillion dollar telecommunication providers to accelerating growth at regional startups in the web based applications industry, he has a consistent track record of developing successful market strategies and proven sales results.

Michael is passionate about sales strategy, new market development, and increasing business velocity for Sky Data Vault Partner Community. He works directly with MSP / Agents to continually refine and enhance the SDV service model and support the MSP in delivering value to their end customers.
When not at Sky Data Vault, Michael enjoys spending time with his wife, two children, and dog in Arlington, VA. If Michael is not at home enjoying time with his family, he is usually at a local youth baseball or softball field cheering or coaching during one of his children’s games. However, he has been known to get the occasional hall pass for a night out for a Washington Nationals Game. Go Nats!

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