The Agent marketplace has continued to evolve over the last few years. Margins for traditional telephony services have been reduced, many services have been commoditized, and clients have reduced staff and IT is now a combination of telephony and networking specialists. Agents are adjusting their service portfolios and becoming more focused on cloud services as a way to bring value to the client and their business.

SDV is proud to say that we have a long standing relationship with the Agent community and understand the changes they are facing today. Most of our Agents have strong telephony backgrounds and using the SDV DRaaS portfolio of services as a way to diversify their solutions portfolio with cloud and hosted solutions. SDV is one of the few DRaaS service providers that designed the Agent program specifically for the Agent Partner community and their customers.

For large, established, nationwide Agents, SDV has made the qualification and order process simple and easy and automated wherever possible, allowing the Agent to scale quickly on the SDV DRaaS service portfolio. For smaller, regional Agents that are new to the technology, SDV has developed customizable marketing materials, marketing plans, and comprehensive training to ensure success. No matter what the Agent size or current technology portfolio, adding SDV’s DRaaS services is an easy way to boost MRR and provide your clients with additional value, always keeping you front and center in their business requirements.

Summary of Benefits:

  • Monthly Recurring Commissions – SDV has one of the most aggressive and lucrative compensation models in the market. Implementation can take as little as little as 1 day or up to two weeks, so commissions are fast and consistent.
  • Service Tier Pricing – Simple, easy to understand pricing sold on term agreements. No Hardware purchases…all software, hardware and cloud storage included in one, flat monthly fee based on client requirement!
  • Managed Service – SDV manages the hardware, software, and cloud. You focus on the client requirements. Continue to position your Company as a trusted partner and grow with the client requirements.
  • Full Service Portfolio – Work with SDV for all of your client’s DR / BC requirements. Up to and including complex custom requirements, SDV will manage the engineering and design, you can focus on the client.