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12 02, 2021

Accounting Firm Evolves to Fully Remote Workforce Through Cloud Solution

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Customer’s employees were required to work remotely. Like many other businesses, their existing technology infrastructure was located at their corporate offices and was not designed for the additional capacity required by remote working employees and clients. While the employees embraced the new remote work requirements, the technical challenges resulted in high levels of employee frustration. Client satisfaction also declined significantly during this period as they experienced technical frustrations similar to the employees.

12 02, 2021

Sky Data Vault Saves A Large Manufacturing Company A Half Million Dollars!

The Disaster Recovery (DR) site was located in a space leased in a data center and comprised of aging company-owned hardware and software. Replacement cost estimates were staggering with hardware costs assessed at $400,000, software another $50,000, implementation fees approximately $50,000 with an additional $100,000+ over 3 years to operate the data center.

11 05, 2021

Sky Data Vault Saves Nonprofit From “The Great Resignation”

The Customer’s network administrator, responsible for data back up and server maintenance, abruptly left their IT team, leaving the Customer’s IT team without knowledge of the backup process, data access, or how to recover data if servers failed. With no appropriate protection or recovery service in place, the IT team was unable to perform the necessary patching and maintenance on the mission critical servers and applications.

10 06, 2021

Sky Data Vault Eliminates Hardware Constraints, Improves Remote Work Options For Engineering Firm

The Customer’s existing server infrastructure, soon to be out of warranty, was proving to be inadequate in data capacity and speed needed by remote workers using CAD software. With estimated server space of only 3 months remaining, potential new hardware delivery times of 6-8 weeks due to global supply chain issues were not an option.

08 30, 2021

IT Partner Successfully Provides HIPAA Compliant Disaster Recovery Solution Within 2 Days

The Customer’s existing backup vendor went out of business leaving them vulnerable to not meeting HIPAA requirements. Additionally, their patient information was at risk of not being correctly protected leaving the Customer at risk of incurring large fines and other penalties. They needed a quick and immediate solution.

08 30, 2021

Sky Data Vault Provides A Fast Disaster Recovery Solution

The Customer’s existing IT vendor went out of business leaving them without backups and vulnerable to losing 40 years of records and data. The Customer turned to their trusted IT Partner who had recently added Sky Data Vault (SDV) Cloud Services to their vendor portfolio. The Partner engaged SDV to address their Customer’s requirements based on SDV’s comprehensive cloud services portfolio, their ability to deliver rapid solutions, and their partnering process that makes it very easy for agents to identify prospects and close deals.

01 08, 2021

Simple Sales Process Leads to Easy Decision for Customer

The Customer’s existing backup service was not performing to expectations, causing file and folder recovery to take as many as 2-3 days to complete. The situation resulted in the internal IT Department being pressured by Executive Management to resolve the delays. Additionally, the backup provider’s customer service was not responsive and the Customer felt they were “treated like a number.” Upon further review, the Customer noticed that the cost of the service increased annually with no upgrades or changes in service.

09 21, 2020

Agent Sells Cloud Service with One Email

Agent had a successful track record with traditional telephony and connectivity services, but had been looking for a way to start addressing customer needs in Cloud Services. Agent was introduced to Sky Data Vault (SDV) and our portfolio of Cloud Services - BaaS, MDRaaS, and BitC (our version of IaaS). Agent decided to send an email blast to all of their existing customers to let them know they had added these new Cloud Services to their portfolio. Within an hour, a customer responded.

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