Our latest offering in the market is also one of the most efficient and dynamic. With D2C DRaaS, the client’s entire production environment, including operating systems, files and folders, databases, is protected in the Secure SDV Cloud. This service is perfect for clients that have large on-site Data Centers or even large production environments in a Hosted Data Center. In the event a client experiences an issue in their production site related to Human Error, Malware, or Hardware Failure, clients can spin up the server or application in the Secure SDV Cloud. All protected data is encrypted at the production site and sent to the Secure SDV Cloud. In the event a recovery is required, clients can spin up individual servers, operating systems, files and folders, and databases to act as the production environment while the production environment is repaired. Effectively, the client has an on demand DR site without the upfront equipment purchase requirement, the individual software, maintenance, and hosting costs, as well as not having to spend internal time and resources on monitoring, maintaining, and testing the service.