The SDV Hybrid DRaaS solution is our most popular, comprehensive, and cost effective service in the marketplace. This service is ideal for clients looking to protect the entire production environment, including operating systems, files and folders, and databases. As the name states, with Hybrid DRaaS, SDV is providing both an on site appliance (BDR), as well as, a cloud component to the service to give the client the best of both worlds.

For localized service interruptions due to hardware failure, human error, or malware, the client can turn on the BDR image of the affected server and be up and running again in a matter of minutes. The BDR is provided, managed, and maintained by SDV. There is no hardware to purchase, it is included in the service.

For more severe environmental interruptions due to fire, flood, or long term power outages, the client has the ability to spin up the production environment in the secure SDV Cloud. All protected systems, files and folders, and databases are stood up and available via the Secure SDV Hosted Environment for the business. For cloud recovery, SDV does not charge declaration fees and provides the Hosted environment to the client free of charge for 30 days.