Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Streamline Your Business with Data Recovery as a Service

Data Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) recovers entire systems and software along with mission critical data in the secure Sky Data Vault cloud within minutes.

Benefits of DRaaS:

  • Eliminates downtime in the case of a server outage
  • Allows your organization to refocus on their core mission while having a team of experts at the ready
  • Provides access to data and server recovery in a secure cloud location
  • Provides free initial testing and scheduled annual testing without service interruption
  • Ensures around-the-clock support 24/7/365 from U.S.-based support teams
  • Offers flat monthly fee with no hidden charges
  • Provides all-inclusive service monitoring, software maintenance and support

Organizations That Need DRaaS:

  • Cannot afford downtime and need whole systems to turn on in the event of an outage
  • Has a server environment either on-site, in a data center, or in a public cloud
  • Does not want to dedicate internal staff to build, maintain and test a recovery system
  • Does not have the time, staff or expertise to respond to a mission critical outage or emergency
  • Wants predictable monthly costs
  • Has data compliance requirements

Discover What’s Possible with Sky Data Vault

Sky Data Vault collaborates alongside customers within all verticals and industries to manage and support cloud-based solutions designed to empower growth, improve efficiency and inspire success.

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