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Better Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

M-DRaaS is the fast, efficient and reliable way to backup and restore business information, software and other critical assets.

Your Clients Get
Better Technology
and Better Service

  • Far superior to competitive offerings
  • More reliable
  • Less effort
  • A rapidly growing revenue stream
  • Clear, simple sales materials
  • We support the sale from beginning to end

Easy to Sell

Who can you sell Managed DRaaS to?

Clients who…

  • Are currently using Tape/Disc backup
  • Have an office move pending
  • Have an aging physical server environment
  • Have servers that are out of warranty
  • Are facing large hardware upgrade costs
  • Are looking for redundant network access
  • Are moving to or migrating a Data Center
  • Are looking to change IT support services

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“SkyDataVault is my #1 choice when it comes to helping customers with their Disaster Recovery and Infrastructure challenges. When I first engaged with SkyDataVault I was immediately impressed with their practical knowledge of how to approach customers with the solution. Their sales process is one of the best and they clearly have a “customer first” orientation. The partnership with SkyDataVault will continue to grow with AtlasIP and will be our go-to partner for years to come.”

Daniel Macias, AtlasIP
“The support that Michael and his team give our members is beyond compare and the product set is not only an easy ‘sell-with’ solution, it’s also become a gateway to other cloud-based revenue streams.”
Bill Power, CEO, The Alliance Partners
“Working with SDV couldn’t be easier! We’ve sent them numerous complex DRaaS opportunities and their approach has been fantastic. Michael and team constantly go above and beyond to make a mission-critical product easy to understand. Our partners quickly understand the SDV offering and how it fits into a customer’s cloud and DR strategy. We’re excited to continue to work with them when our partners and their customer have simple or complex cloud backup needs.”
Josh Lupresto, VP of Sales Engineering, Telarus

“Sky Data Vault to the rescue! We had a legacy blade server still running a production application crash overnight. Luckily, we had Sky Data Vault backing our machine up and with the assistance of very friendly and professional support engineers, we were able to recover the server into our virtual environment in under an hour.”

Roopinder Singh , MCP, MCTS, Senior Network Administrator, Association of the United States Army

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