Accounting Firm Evolves To Fully Remote Workforce Through Cloud Solutions



Accounting firm located in Florida with 20 local employees focused on serving businesses and high net worth individuals both regionally and nationwide.


The Customer was having difficulty accessing client information and processing work in a timely manner due to unplanned remote work situations related to Covid-19 restrictions. This negatively affected both their customer satisfaction and employee morale. The Customer then decided to close their offices and adopt remote work permanently.


  • Sky Data Vault and MSP collaborated for a seamless implementation of 2 weeks from start to finish.
  • New Cloud infrastructure for the firm supports the Customer’s fully remote work employees, allows for nationwide hiring of new employees and supports firm’s future growth.
  • Solidified MSP’s role as a trusted advisor to the Customer.

The Situation

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Customer’s employees were required to work remotely. Like many other businesses, their existing technology infrastructure was located at their corporate offices and was not designed for the additional capacity required by remote working employees and clients. While the employees embraced the new remote work requirements, the technical challenges resulted in high levels of employee frustration. Client satisfaction also declined significantly during this period as they experienced technical frustrations similar to the employees.
Even with the technical issues, when restrictions lifted, employees requested adopting a remote work policy permanently. To accommodate this request, the Customer’s infrastructure would need a complete overhaul and upgrade. The Customer’s trusted Managed Service Provider (MSP) was tasked with finding a solution that would support continued remote work, retention of valued employees, and growth of the Customer’s business.

The Solution

Sky Data Vault (SDV) worked with the MSP to design an ideal Customer infrastructure to run in the secure SDV Cloud. Upon approval of the joint Solution Overview (costs, benefits, and
timelines), SDV and the MSP collaborated for a seamless transition. Within 2 weeks, a new Cloud environment was created for the Customer’s infrastructure along with the uploading
all the Customer’s data, software, and systems; all completed with no interruption to the Customer’s business, employees, or clients. This new Cloud-based infrastructure allowed the Customer to add resources to the servers running their mission critical applications and to better support a remote work situation. Employees can now easily connect remotely to access client information and applications. Feedback on the new infrastructure has been positive with client satisfaction and employee productivity back to pre-pandemic levels.

The Outcome

For the Customer:
• By embracing a fully remote work situation, the Customer has realized annual savings in office space costs and associated overhead.
• As the Customer grows, they can extend new employee searches to outside their geographic area, providing them access to the best possible candidates throughout the country.

For the Managed Service Provider:
• MSP had a long-standing relationship with the Customer and has solidified their position for the next phase of their growth and evolution.
• MSP now has a solution road map for any of their customers struggling with on-premise technology limitations or looking to move to a fully remote work environment. • 1.844.881.8672 •

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