Ad Agency Improves Data Backup and Recovery Options Using Managed Cloud Services

The Customer’s existing backup service was not performing to expectations, causing file and folder recovery to take as many as 2-3 days to complete. The situation resulted in the internal IT Department being pressured by Executive Management to resolve the delays. Additionally, the backup provider’s customer service was not responsive and the Customer felt they were “treated like a number.” Upon further review, the Customer noticed that the cost of the service increased annually with no upgrades or changes in service. Let’s learn a little bit more about the customer, and how Sky Data Vault helped them.

The Customer

Marketing and advertising firm located in North Carolina with more than 50 employees engaged with national and international Fortune 500 customers.

The Situation

The Customer’s solution was antiquated, hardware-based, located on-premise, and did not provide sufficient backup for all mission-critical data. It was also non-scalable and ineffective in meeting the recovery requirements of the business. The solution was supported by the Customer’s long-time local managed service provider (MSP), who was not able to support the new applications and technology the Customer needed to grow. This created the need to find a new MSP that could support expansion plans along with a managed cloud service provider to support new business objectives. These external resources would also help to relieve the understaffed internal IT team of additional workloads.

Additionally, the Customer was now more reliant on Microsoft® 365 (M365) email, OneDrive and SharePoint applications that contained data not protected by Microsoft®. It was important to the Customer to maintain ownership of this data as well as increase retention of it in order to meet industry best practices.


  • The existing backup solution had limited capacity, causing issues for the Customer’s data needs and growth.
  • A limited internal IT team meant relying more frequently on outside service providers to assist in managing mission-critical IT components and requirements.
  • The current MSP was unable to meet growing IT demands, requiring a daunting and lengthy search for a new provider.

The Solution

Sky Data Vault (SDV) worked with the partner to identify and review the customer’s on-premise server recovery and retention requirements and M365 data needs. Two SDV Managed Cloud Services were identified as viable solutions.

For the servers located on the premises, a managed hybrid Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution provided full backups of mission-critical files and folders with the added feature of a full recovery option located on the premises and in the secure SDV Cloud. For the M365 applications, SDV provided a managed M365 Backup solution that gives the Customer complete control and recovery of their M365 data.

SDV’s White Glove Implementation made the transition both fast and seamless for the Customer, requiring as little as 30 minutes of their time. With SDV providing strong and resilient backup and DR support, the MSP can focus on the production environment, help desk support, and implementation of new services. The diversity in suppliers mitigates risk and improves flexibility, giving the Customer peace of mind.

Customer Outcomes

  • Possesses a fully flexible and scalable data protection service without adding to their IT team’s workload.
  • Sky Data Vault and Partner collaborated for a seamless implementation of 2 weeks from start to finish.
  • New Sky Data Vault services provide complete data protection with enhanced local and cloud-based system recovery capabilities.
  • Acquired beneficial cloud services while maintaining existing technology budgets and saving CapEx dollars.
  • Gained peace of mind through better-mitigated risk and improved resiliency from multiple services providers.
  • The customer can now confidently implement growth initiatives with full Sky Data Vault support.

Partner Contributions

  • Demonstrated to customers how a diversified, managed services strategy can add resiliency and eliminate single provider service risk.
  • Reduced workload for the internal IT team by eliminating IT service management, allowing them to focus on business-driven technology.
  • Introduced solutions comprised of local and national providers that were not accessible to the Customer.

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