Agent Sells Cloud Service with One Email



A regional nonprofit health care provider operating multiple community health centers throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area.


Customer needed a HIPAA Compliant BaaS Solution within 2 weeks to support their numerous servers at multiple locations.


  • Delivered a fully managed HIPAA compliant BaaS to the customer within 5 days of the Discovery Call.
  • Expanded Agent’s role as a trusted advisor to the Customer.
  • Provided additional Cloud Services as a new revenue opportunity with the Customer.

The Situation

Agent had a successful track record with traditional telephony and connectivity services, but had been looking for a way to start addressing customer needs in Cloud Services. Agent was introduced to Sky Data Vault (SDV) and our portfolio of Cloud Services – BaaS, MDRaaS, and BitC (our version of IaaS). Agent decided to send an email blast to all of the existing customers to let them know that they had added these new Cloud Services to their portfolio. Within an hour, a customer responded.

The Challenge

Customer had been notified by their existing Backup provider that they had to renew or their service would be terminated within 2 weeks! Additionally, the renewal would require a new hardware purchase in excess of $25,000 as well a required 36 month recurring revenue commitment. Along with the sudden necessity to spend capital that had not been budgeted, the Customer had no confidence in the current service which had never been tested and for which no documentation had been provided on how to recover in the vent of such a need.

The Solution

The Agent called the SDV Channel Manager who scheduled a call with the customer within 24 hours. SDV listened to the Customer’s requirements, made some suggestions and offered some options along with pricing. By the end of the conversation, the Customer had made their decision to move to SDV. As a Managed Service, SDV’s BaaS solution required ZERO hardware dollars be spent and a solution was priced at $2,000 MRR for 24 months. Service was scheduled for the next day and within 48 hours the implementation was completed and the Customer had performed their first test with SDV resources to ensure 100% confidence in service.

The Outcome

For the Customer: 

  • As a Managed Service, Customer can stay focused on providing quality health care to their patients – not allotting time and resources to monitoring, managing and maintaining BaaS.
  • Conserved capital outlay which included a budgeted monthly expense for the next 24 months.
  • Met HIPAA compliance requirements.

For the Agent: 

  • The sales cycle was the fastest the Agent had seen in years. The implementation and validation of the solution was even more impressive.
  • Provided an immediate reference for their new Cloud Services portfolio.
  • Solidified their relationship with their client as a trusted advisor who is their first call when any future technology or Cloud Strategy is being reviewed. • 1.844.881.8672 •

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