MSP Closes IaaS Deal Through Telarus with Sky Data Vault—From Contract to Implementation in Less Than 30 Days!

Many managed service providers (MSPs) are starting to leverage Technology Solutions Brokerages (TSBs) to help grow their businesses. A Telarus Partner recently engaged with Sky Data Vault (SDV) when a small to mid-size business customer reached end of life on existing on-premises hardware. The MSP was introduced to our company and one of our managed Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings, called Small Business Server (SBS). It was a perfect fit. This solution was specifically built for the SMB market to take advantage of the value of cloud services—without the headache of managing infrastructure in the public cloud.

Sky Data Vault monitors, manages, and maintains all hardware components related to the server, along with all the requirements for the server itself. This takes workloads off MSPs and allows them to scale and grow their businesses while managing software upgrades, system state requirements, and operating system patch management for the SBS hosted in our secure Cloud.

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