SDV Case Study: ARG & A National Trade Association

At Sky Data Vault, we work with both Technology Consultants and Managed Service Providers to deliver Managed Disaster Recovery as a Service to their clients.

Partner: ARG

ARG is one of the most trusted and the largest full-service technology consulting firms in the nation. Supporting over 4,500 clients throughout the US, ARG services all aspects of client’s technology design, procurement, implementation, and ongoing support.


 A National Trade Association with roughly 100 employees located in Washington, DC.  All critical infrastructure is located at the HQ building and is comprised of both physical and virtual machines.


The client was about to move their offices. They were concerned about downtime during their move and about potential risks that the move could pose to their ability to quickly get back to work in their new offices. They knew the answer lay in a cloud-based solution, eventually getting to a complete Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

The client had 3 key worries:

  • They were concerned about the risk of downtime during the office move and when migrating to the cloud-based infrastructure (IaaS).
  • This company had intense deadline pressure to choose a solution because of the move date
  • They felt the compressed time frame meant they had to choose the Microsoft Azure solution for IaaS.  The problem was that Azure seemed expensive and complex, adding to the stress of the office move.


ARG invited us to talk to the client and evaluate their needs. After a thorough conversation and a detailed review of their requirements, we were confident we could offer them a cost-effective solution. This solution would address protection before, during, and after the physical office move.
We recommended our Managed Hybrid Disaster Recovery as a Service (MDRaaS) with Standard Cloud Recovery solution.
This service gave the Client:

  • The ability to maintain business as usual during the move by using the cloud to access their systems and data.
  • The ability to recover very rapidly from any future data loss, malware, hardware, or system failure.
  • Protection from physical disasters such as fires, floods, or even the next move.
  • No matter what caused the problem, we could return them to full functionality with little to no downtime.

Furthermore, because our service is Managed by us, it meant that they didn’t need staff to spend time learning the system, monitoring, or testing the system. If they do need to recover, they won’t have to wonder if they have the right people and systems in place. One call and they will be quickly and reliably restored.
This solution addressed all of their concerns: cost, timeframes, and risks.


By using a trusted provider in their portfolio, ARG was able to recommend an IaaS solution that met the clients needs better and was less expensive than what the Client had anticipated and budgeted for.

Along with the IaaS solution, ARG earned the client’s trust and went on to sell them Desktop as a Service (DaaS). Within months of implementing the Sky Data Vault Service, ARG was able to provide services for IaaS and DaaS to the Client at ten times the original DRaaS deal.

Client:  The Sky Data Vault service did more than eliminate the stress of moving; it offered the organization ongoing protection and recovery services without adding to the IT staff workload or increasing large CapEx funding.  Additionally, by using Sky Data Vault’s Free Annual Testing service, the Client was able to demonstrate compliance to Executive Management for Business Continuity.

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