SDV Harnesses the Power of Veeam and IaaS to Deliver Innovative Disaster Recovery Solution

The Customer

Nationally recognized supply chain management company.

The Challenge

Facing a critical need to ensure business continuity, the Customer turned to their trusted Technology Advisor to help them identify the most effective and cost-efficient Disaster Recovery solution for their needs and budget. After ruling out a co-lo option due to high costs and the burden of self-management, the Tech Advisor recommended Sky Data Vault (SDV), confident in SDV’s ability to deliver a fully managed, robust DR solution within the Customer’s timeline, and budget.

During an in-depth Discovery Call, SDV assessed the Customer’s environment and current data protection and recovery strategy. Learning the customer was utilized Veeam for backups, SDV, as a Veeam Service Provider, proposed a comprehensive managed DRaaS solution leveraging Veeam technology.

A critical requirement emerged during the discussion: the Customer needed nearly immediate access to two mission critical servers. SDV addressed this by recommending Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to maintain these servers in a “ready state” in the secure SDV Cloud. This approach ensures rapid recovery and minimizes downtime, aligning perfectly with the Customer’s continuity goals.

Customer Outcomes

  • A cost-effective, fully managed DRaaS solution tailored to their specific needs.
  • Immediate access to mission-critical systems, ensuring uninterrupted business operations.
  • Enhanced data protection and recovery capabilities through Veeam integration.
  • Reduced management burden, allowing the Customer to focus on core business activities.
  • SDV’s expertise and strategic approach provided the Customer with peace of mind, knowing their business continuity was safeguarded by a reliable and efficient DRaaS/IaaS solution.

Partner Outcomes

  • Partner has a long-standing relationship with the customer and has further solidified their position.
  • Demonstrated value through introducing Customer to a unique solution provider who was able to swiftly solve the Customer’s IT challenges with a customer-focused approach at an affordable cost.
  • SDV’s seamless, white-glove implementation and simplified management showcased the partner’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions.

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