SDV Solves Backup Failure for Industrial Manufacturer & Positions Them for Cloud Migration

The Challenge

The Customer had all mission critical servers and applications housed in the HQ location, which supported six other locations throughout the Midwest. The HQ location did not have redundant power supply or internet access, battery backup or fire suppression. The Customer’s current DR solution had reached capacity, and not all servers were being backed up. The Customer did not have the ability to turn up their entire production server environment in the case of a long-term outage

The Situation

The Customer had a small IT Team and was relying on a new IT Director to make recommendations. The IT Director reached out to a new IT Partner to bring in some options. The IT Partner recommended Sky Data Vault. After an initial call with the IT Partner and the Customer, SDV conducted a thorough review of the Customer’s data protection and recovery requirements. SDV assessed the Customer’s situation, discussed industry standards, reviewed options in the marketplace and provided cost estimates for various services that could fit within the Customer’s annual budget.

The Solution

The service that aligned best with the Customer’s immediate goals was SDV’s fully-managed Backup as a Service (BaaS) for one simple monthly fee. This solution enabled the Customer to recover files and folders from the SDV environment at any time through the
SDV Agent portal. The Customer’s Data is ready on demand and there are never any egress fees.
This service allowed the customer to focus on their core mission as an organization while having their data protected 24x7x365.
Simultaneously, SDV’s BaaS solution addressed the Customer’s current backup failures and positioned them for future evolution and
migration to Cloud Infrastructure.

Customer Outcomes

Using SDV’s White Glove Implementation, the transfer of service was simple and efficient. The Customer was fully protected within 5 days of signing an agreement and was able to instantly and easily recover files, folders and data with just a few clicks. A fully flexible and scalable data protection service is available without adding to their IT team’s workload. A common-sense pricing model allows for easy budgeting. The Customer achieves peace of mind and the ability to focus on their company’s core mission. The customer is now positioned for future evolution and migration to Cloud Infrastructure.

Partner Outcomes

  • The IT Partner has demonstrated their value to their Customer by first understanding their issues, then introducing them to a solution provider who could solve the Customer’s existing challenges with a hands-on approach at an affordable cost.
  • The IT Partner is now a trusted advisor for the Customer because of the comprehensive and meaningful solutions provided.
  • SDV’s solution made it easy for the IT Partner and seamless for their Customer

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