Simple Sales Process Leads to Easy Decision for Customer

SKY DATA VAULT CASE STUDY: Marine Engine Manufacturer


A large, privately-held manufacturer of marine engines with a 50 year track record of excellence and a proven leader in the advancement of inboard power technology.


Customer needed to quickly procure a cost-effective and reliable backup solution supported by exceptional customer service.


  • Delivered fully managed BaaS and DRaaS to the customer within 5 days of agreement.
  • Simple and easy sales process for Customer and the SDV Partner.
  • Expanded SDV Partner’s role as a trusted advisor to the Customer.

The Situation

The Customer’s existing backup service was not performing to expectations, causing file and folder recovery to take as many as 2 -3 days to complete. The situation resulted in the internal IT Department being pressured by Executive Management to resolve the delays. Additionally, the backup provider’s customer service was not responsive and the Customer felt they were “treated like a number.” Upon further review, the Customer noticed that the cost of the service increased annually with no upgrades or changes in service.

The Challenge

The IT department, having limited staff, could not devote the time to evaluate options, vet solutions and negotiate terms with alternative backup service providers. As the Customer’s contract renewal date approached, they were resigned to continuing with a service that did not work correctly, would increasingly cost them more, and was supported by poor customer service.

The Solution

The Customer turned to a long-standing Partner, one that had a proven track record of success with traditional telecom expense management. The Partner had recently diversified its vendor relationships and added the Sky Data Vault (SDV) Cloud Services portfolio. The Partner then engaged SDV to address their Customer’s requirements and business challenges. One call with the Customer and SDV understood the Customer’s situation, discussed industry standards, and options in the marketplace, and provided costs for different services to fit within their annual budget.

The Customer was most attracted to SDV’s MDRaaS service, a fully managed, cloud disaster recovery service that included Backup as a Service (BaaS) for one simple monthly fee. These services allowed the Customer to focus on their company’s core mission while having their data protected with support from SDV. This combined solution addressed existing backup failures, and issues with Executive management and provided a stronger, more robust disaster recovery solution at about the same cost as their current service making the decision an easy one for the customer to make.

The Outcome

For the Customer: 

  • Using SDV’s White Glove Implementation, the transfer of service was simple, fast, and easy. The Customer was fully protected within 5 days of signing the agreement and was able to instantly and easily recover files, folders, and data with a few clicks.
  • Completion of a full recovery test implementing the new SDV services within the first 30 days – free of charge.
  • Full confidence in their BaaS and DRaaS services and the ability to focus on other IT projects related to maintaining their organization at the top of their industry.

For the Partner: 

  • Demonstration of their value to the Customer by first understanding their issues and then introducing them to a unique service provider.
  • Introduction of a unique solution provider who was able to solve the Customer’s existing IT challenges with a customer-focused approach at an affordable cost.
  • Continuation of work with the Customer’s IT department to resolve ongoing IT challenges and identify new IT projects to better position them for success in their industry. • 1.844.881.8672 •


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