Sky Data Vault Achieves 143% Growth in 2015

SDV Managed DRaaS Portfolio finds its niche in the SME and Non-Profit Market

Rockville, MD, February 22, 2016– 2015 was a big year for Sky Data Vault (SDV) with the launch of a comprehensive and fully managed Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) portfolio for the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) and non-profit markets. The market response was dramatic and SDV recently announced that it achieved a 143% revenue increase over FY 2014.

“Since our inception in 2013, we have wanted to be nimble and respond to our clients’ needs. In 2015, we launched our DRaaS Managed Services Portfolio to address the needs of underserved SME and nonprofit markets. The response from the market was immediate and the pent-up demand for a cost-effective, service-based, fully managed solution allowed SDV to achieve an incredible 143% growth rate.”

Sky Data Vault Goes West

To meet growing client demand for services and to add geodiversity to the SDV network of Data Centers, SDV will be opening a new storage site on the West Coast of the US in March. This will provide additional capacity to the SDV network, as well as, address East Coast clients that want their mission-critical data stored outside of the area they are headquartered.

In addition to the revenue increase and expansion, SDV was brought into a number of new business partners that focus on the SME and the non-profit market as the exclusive DRaaS service provider for their customers. Entering 2016, these new partnerships provide SDV exposure into an existing customer base of over 4000 SME and non-profit organizations in the DC Metro area.

“As a 100% channel sales organization, it was important to us to reach the SME and non-profit market through trusted and established channel partners. With the addition of key partners in 2015, we are now able to reach and support a much larger market and address the mission-critical protection and recovery needs of their organizations.”

About Sky Data Vault:

SKY DATA VAULT was born out of a convergence of the industry moving services to the cloud and demand from the SME and non-profit marketplace to achieve state-of-the-art disaster recovery solutions without the traditional capital expense and overhead associated with that service. With SKY DATA VAULT’s Portfolio of Services, organizations can now Protect Everything and Recover Anything. If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Michael Thompson at 844.881.8672 or email at

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