Sky Data Vault Designs and Provides Hybrid Backup Solution for International Health Insurance Company

The Customer

A US-based international health insurance company with an annual revenue of more than $100 million and 600+ employees.

The Challenge

After losing a key resource on its IT staff, the Customer had an immediate need for a backup solution for its environment of nearly 60 TB of data and 58 servers. They wanted a solution that delivered an on-premises device in addition to cloud backup. When they approached Sky Data Vault (SDV), they needed a plan that addressed the following:

  • Greater reliability and practicality than their existing tape-backup approach, given their increasing data set and compliance-driven retention needs.
  • The Customer was heavily invested in Nutanix software and was looking to continue to support and align to Nutanix environment.
  • As a player in the health care insurance space, they needed an approach that was HIPAA compliant.
  • The Customer was using Microsoft O365 and was interested in backing up their email, One Drive, and SharePoint, as recommended by Microsoft.

The Solution

SDV worked closely with the Customer to thoroughly review their current environment, software, and the unique needs of their industry. SDV engineers helped design a HIPAA-compliant hybrid solution that met the Customer’s needs, allowing them to recover mission critical files and folders from both a local appliance and a cloud environment in a fast and efficient manner, for a clear and transparent flat monthly fee. In addition, SDV provided backup for the Customer’s Microsoft O365 environment for a simple monthly per user fee, reducing time and effort on the IT staff.

The Outcomes

  • The SDV-designed solution allowed the Customer to meet the data retention requirements of the organization without dramatically increasing the data set for storage requirements.
  • SDV demonstrated the ability to design a plan to accommodate the Customer’s need for a hybrid solution, providing and formatting on-premises hardware in addition to managed cloud backup services for a flat monthly fee without requiring a capital investment.
  • SDV was familiar with and able to align to HIPAA standards, giving the Customer peace of mind that they were in compliance.
  • SDV provided the Customer an easy-to-understand pricing model that allowed them to easily budget for the service.
  • The Customer will have the ability to test recover files and folders from the cloud on an annual basis to verify recoverability and meet compliance requirements.
  • The Partner was able to demonstrate value to the Customer by providing access to SDV engineering resources and knowledge outside the context of a traditional sales setting.
  • SDV was able to take workloads off the Customer’s busy, under-staffed IT team, allowing them to focus on other projects that drive the organization forward.


Download PDF of Case Study

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