Sky Data Vault Eliminates Hardware Constraints, Improves Remote Work Options For Engineering Firm



A third-generation, family-owned engineering firm with 5 locations and 200 employees with a need to rapidly grow.


Mission-critical servers, applications, and data were centrally located at the firm’s headquarters. The servers were aging and running out of capacity. The Customer needed scalability in record time without budget-breaking expenses.


  • Initial assessment by IT Partner and SDV identified less than 3 month’s capacity remaining on existing servers. Replacing the servers would be difficult due to delays in new hardware shipments caused by current global supply chain issues.
  • SDV’s ability to rapidly deploy their BitC service allowed for quick capacity expansion and elimination of the server risk.
  • SDV’s Solution allows more employees to work remotely and for the Customer to expand into diverse markets.

The Situation

The Customer’s existing server infrastructure, soon to be out of warranty, was proving to be inadequate in data capacity and speed needed by remote workers using CAD
software. With estimated server space of only 3 months remaining, potential new hardware delivery times of 6-8 weeks due to global supply chain issues were not an option.

The Customer turned to their IT Partner regarding the server limitations, new hardware sourcing concerns, and growing frustrations by remote workers experiencing
server delays. The IT Partner had recently met Sky Data Vault (SDV) and decided there was an opportunity to leverage the SDV Managed Cloud Services portfolio to address these critical Customer business issues.

The Solution

SDV’s Business in the Cloud (BitC) service was the ideal fit. It allowed the Customer to establish a new environment in the secure SDV Cloud, configure their folders and drives correctly, and easily migrate their data. Using a virtual private network, remote workers can securely use this new environment and experience the same speed and performance as local workers. To add protection and resiliency to the new environment, the Customer also chose SDV’s Backup as a Service (BaaS) solution. Now the Customer’s mission critical files and folders are stored on the SDV Cloud providing them a secure and easy way to recover their data.

The Outcome

For the Customer:

  • Implementing the BitC service allowed the Customer to restart in a brand new environment, giving them the opportunity to correctly map drives and data, eliminating years of old, inefficient server structure.
  • Issues, complaints, and trouble tickets related to remote worker experiences were completely eliminated enabling the Customer’s IT department to focus on growth-minded IT projects.
  • With no hardware constraints, the Customer can now expand into new markets and recruit new talent outside their current geographic area.

For the IT Partner:

  • IT Partner had been considered a “connectivity and phone” vendor limiting them to internet and phone systems IT discussions. The addition of the SDV Cloud Services has enabled the IT Partner to discuss a new area of business with the Customer.
  • IT Partner and the Customer now meet quarterly to evaluate new technology and employees to work remotely and plan ahead for additional infrastructure issues.
  • SDV’s Partner Success Team made the sales process easy and the SDV White Glove. Implementation accelerated the Solution and ensured the Customer was elated with
    their choice of cloud service providers. • 1.844.881.8672 •

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