Sky Data Vault Helps Healthcare Start-Up Protect Proprietary Data in Microsoft O365

The Customer  

A start-up company focusing on the sale of prescription drugs for men’s health. As a fledgling business, the Customer had a small management and IT team whose primary role was to grow the business.

The Situation 

The Customer had no backups in place for their Microsoft Office 365® environment, leaving their proprietary data at risk. A member of Customer’s IT staff attended a Microsoft conference and was surprised to learn that Microsoft O365 was built on a shared responsibility model and that Microsoft itself recommended a third-party back up data in OneDrive, SharePoint and Exchange. The Customer immediately contacted their trusted IT Partner who put them in touch with Sky Data Vault (SDV).

The Challenge  

The Customer did not realize that the Microsoft Office 365 product includes very limited retention of data. They were not aware that Microsoft recommends partnering with a third-party company to provide its users with additional control over data and its retention. This was very important to the Customer as a start-up with proprietary information. In addition, as a healthcare company, they also needed to be compliant with HIPAA and all other relevant mandates.

The Customer was interested in a managed solution which would not add workloads to their already overloaded team. However, the IT staff wanted to maintain the ability to adjust as compliance and auditory needs arose.

The Solution

Sky Data Vault assisted the IT Partner in correctly assessing their Customer’s needs and recommended our Microsoft O365 Backup service. For a simple flat fee per user per month, the Customer’s data across Exchange, OneDrive and SharePoint would be backed up and retained for seven years. 

Sky Data Vault listened to the needs of the Customer and provided a managed solution which still allowed the Customer’s IT staff the ability to adjust for compliance and audit purposes. SDV was able to understand the Customer’s situation, discuss industry standards and options in the marketplace, and provide the appropriate service at a cost that fit within the Customer’s annual budget.

The Outcome  

SDV ran a seamless implementation from start to finish. As part of the sales process, SDV provided a complimentary demo which illustrated how user-friendly the solution is.

It was a simple and easy sales process for the Customer and IT Partner, and we went from deal registration to implementation in just over 30 days, while expanding the IT Partner’s role as a trusted advisor to the Customer. SDV’s White Glove Implementation made the transition both fast and seamless for the Customer, requiring as little as 30 minutes of their time and the Partner was able to demonstrate their value to the Customer by providing an affordable managed solution with a customer-focused approach. A win-win!

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