Sky Data Vault Protects Mission Critical Servers

The Customer did not have the ability to turn up their entire production server environment in the case of a long-term outage or site-based failure. Sky Data Vault reviewed their situation and provided a tailored solution to manage their risk and facilitate system recovery. Let’s learn a little bit more about the Customer, and how Sky Data Vault helped them.


A large, privately held resource management solutions provider to the healthcare industry with 11 locations operating throughout the United States with more than 600 employees.

The Situation

Customer did not have the ability to turn up their entire production server environment in the case of a long-term outage or site-based failure.


Customer had all mission critical servers and applications in one facility which also services all other locations and remote workers. This facility experienced two incidents where power failure caused servers to go offline and impacted all users.

Recovery times in the event of a system outage, server failure, ransomware impact or hardware malfunction was estimated between 12 – 21 business days. Once the necessary parts and equipment were obtained, navigating a successful recovery meant the time and effort of the Customer’s full IT staff, stretching resources thin. The impact on business operations would be substantial.

The Solution

The Customer turned to their trusted IT Partner who immediately engaged with Sky Data Vault (SDV) to address the Customer’s business challenges. SDV reviewed the Customer’s situation and worked to provide tailored solutions that would manage risk and facilitate system recovery. After discussing industry standards and marketplace options, SDV and the Customer identified effective solutions at costs that fit within the Customer’s annual budget.

The service that was most attractive to the Customer was SDV’s DRaaS – a fully managed cloud Disaster Recovery service. This included Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) for one simple monthly fee. These services allowed the customer to focus on their core mission as an organization while having their data protected with support by SDV.

The transition and diligent implementation of disaster recovery and backup services by SDV was fast and seamless for the Customer, requiring as little as 30 minutes of their time.

Customer Outcomes

  • Mission critical files and folders are recoverable from a cloud environment quickly and easily with no egress fees.
  • In the event of a ransomware, site disaster, fire, flood, or electrical outage, protected server environments are recoverable in a secure cloud environment within 30 minutes.
  • A fully flexible and scalable data protection service is available without adding to their IT team’s workload.
  • Recovery and backup services have an easy to understand pricing model that allows for easy budgeting. Services and pricing model can flex as the Customer requirements evolve.
  • Cloud recoverability tests are available on an annual basis to verify services are functioning properly with ZERO cost to customer.
  • Tailored solution opens a pathway for the Customer to employ cloud services and solutions as needed. As production servers need to be retired or reach capacity, the Customer can leverage the DRaaS solution to migrate those servers to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) with SDV.

Partner Contributions

  • Demonstrated the value they deliver through a collaborative effort to find unique solutions to the Customer’s IT challenges.
  • Exercised a customer-first approach to provide affordable solutions.
  • Continued to grow partnership with the Customer as a trusted solutions advisor.
  • SDV’s recovery solution proved to be easy for the IT Partner and seamless for their customer.

Work with Sky Data Vault today to see how we can help put your business on the right path through the implementation of resilient backup, DR support, and other critical systems. Email us at, or give us a phone call at 1.844.881.8672.

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