Sky Data Vault Provides A Fast Disaster Recovery Solution

SKY DATA VAULT CASE STUDY: Hardwood Flooring Company


A large, very well-respected hardwood flooring company in business for over 40 years and located in the Colorado Springs region.


Customer needed to quickly procure a cost-effective and reliable backup solution supported by exceptional customer service.


  • Correct initial assessment by IT Partner and SDV of the Customer’s needs resulting in the seamless implementation of a no hassle, managed DRaaS solution.
  • Solution will allow the customer to “Stretch to the Cloud” by utilizing SDV’s BitC service when their existing server ages out of warranty.
  • A simple and easy sales process for the Customer and IT Partner.

The Challenge

The Customer’s existing IT vendor went out of business leaving them without backups and vulnerable to losing 40 years of records and data.

The Situation

The Customer turned to their trusted IT Partner who had recently added Sky Data Vault (SDV) Cloud Services to their vendor portfolio. The Partner engaged SDV to address their Customer’s requirements based on SDV’s comprehensive cloud services portfolio, their ability to deliver rapid solutions, and their partnering process that makes it very easy for agents to identify prospects and close deals.

The Solution

The Costumer was most attracted to SDV’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution, a full managed, cloud disaster recovery service that included Backup as a Service (BaaS) for one simple monthly fee. This managed service allowed. the customer to focus on their company’s core mission while having their data protected with support from SDV. This solution also provided a stronger, more robust disaster recovery service at about the same cost as their previous service making the decision an easy one for the Customer.

Additionally, this solution will allow the Customer to “Stretch to the Cloud” in the future when their existing server ages out of warranty and minimize their overall capital expenditure by utilizing SDV’s Business in the Cloud (BitC) service.

The Outcome

For the Customer:

  • Using SDV’s White Glove Implementation, the transfer of service was simple, fast, and easy. The Customer was fully protected within 2 days of signing an agreement and was able to instantly and easily recover files, folders, and data with just a few clicks.
  • Completion of a full recovery test implementing the new SDV services within the first 30 days – free of charge – and reduction of potential down time from 1 – 2 days to under 30 minutes.
  • Full confidence in their managed DRaaS solution with a team of experts to assist as needed.
  • Peace of mind and ability to focus on their company’s core mission.

For the IT Partner:

  • Demonstration of their value to their Customer by first understanding their issues and then introducing them to a unique solution provider who was able to solve the Customer’s existing IT challenges with a customer-focused approach at an affordable cost.
  • Continuation of work with the Customer as a trusted advisor,
  • SDV’s solution made it easy for the IT Partner and seamless for their customer. • 1.844.881.8672 •

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