Sky Data Vault Provides Fully Managed O365 Backup within Two Days

The Customer  

An automotive parts distributor with more than 30 U.S. locations.

The Challenge  

The Customer had roughly 400 Microsoft O365 licenses. They were not satisfied with the support they received from their existing Cloud Solution Provider (CSP). They reached out to a highly-recommended IT Partner for assistance in transferring the licenses to a new CSP.

The Situation 

The IT Partner learned that not all the Microsoft O365 users were having their data backed up, leaving data in email, OneDrive and SharePoint vulnerable. In addition to recommending a reliable CSP, the IT Partner (based on prior successful engagements) immediately engaged with Sky Data Vault (SDV) to address the Customer’s need for O365 Backup. After an initial call with the Customer and IT Partner, Sky Data Vault provided a proposal with a cost estimate that fit within the Customer’s budget.

The Solution

SDV provided a managed O365 backup solution that gives the Customer complete control, ownership and recoverability of their data. SDV’s white glove implementation made the transition both fast and seamless for the Customer, requiring only 30 minutes of their time. The Customer’s O365 data was fully protected within two business days of signing the agreement.

Customer Outcomes  

  • Full control and recoverability of their data in Microsoft O365.
  • SDV monitors, manages and maintains the service, reducing workload for the Customer’s IT Staff.
  • SDV is available 24/7/365 to recover requested mailboxes, emails, files and folders.

Partner Outcomes 

  • Demonstration of value to the Customer by understanding their issues and introducing them to a unique solution provider able to solve the Customer’s existing IT challenges with an affordable customer-focused approach
  • Continued to grow partnership with the Customer as a Trusted IT Advisor
  • SDV’s solutions made O365 support easy for the IT Partner and seamless for their Customer


Contact Sky Data Vault today to learn how we can develop a custom tailored solution for your customer that ensures the security of the their data and protects their business continuity. Email us at or give us a phone call at 1.844.881.8672.

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