Sky Data Vault Provides Professional Services to Assist Publishing Company as They Undertake Cloud-First Initiative

The Customer  

A longstanding US-based publishing company with an annual revenue of more than $180 million and 750+ employees.

The Challenge  

The Customer was embarking on a large-scale overhaul of its network to implement a cloud-first strategy and needed assistance in a variety of areas including Microsoft O365 licensing and support, Microsoft software assurance agreements, Microsoft Azure resources and licensing for both Windows and SQL server instances. The Customer‘s IT department had undergone some personnel turnover and the new team was challenged with getting up to speed on the existing network and establishing a roadmap for future migration, licensing, and cost-saving initiatives.

The Solution

Sky Data Vault partnered with the Customer on a project-basis to conduct a thorough review/audit of their existing Microsoft licensing and Azure resource usage needs and produced a deliverable which included recommendations on licensing, utilization, and opportunities to save on cloud costs.

As part of the Audit, Sky Data Vault met with the Customer to answer questions, discuss workloads, and assist with strategy. Sky Data Vault researched compliance requirements, coordinated with network administrators, and performed discovery.

The Outcome  

  • At the conclusion of the project, Sky Data Vault produced a deliverable which contained a roadmap for the Customer’s cloud-first initiative and included recommendations for cost-reductions and future priorities.
  • In addition, Sky Data Vault conducted a knowledge transfer with the Customer’s team so that all parties were up to speed on the project and priorities.
  • From the outset, the Customer and IT Partner clearly understood the scope and hourly cost for the project, as well as the deliverables to be produced.
  • Sky Data Vault assisted the Customer in identifying opportunities for cost savings as well as other ways to leverage their existing licenses to enhance their tech enablement initiatives and best utilize the benefits built into Microsoft’s software assurance agreements.
  • The Partner was able to demonstrate value to the Customer by providing access to engineering resources and knowledge outside the context of a traditional sales setting.

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