Sky Data Vault Provides Rapid Infrastructure in Wake of Ransomware Attack

The Customer

Nationally recognized real estate brokerage firm serving their community for more than 70 years.

The Challenge

The Customer’s on-premises servers were hit by ransomware, leaving them inoperable. With aging hardware and a strategic imperative to migrate fully to the cloud, returning to on-premises infrastructure was not an option. Despite possessing clean backups, their current IaaS provider was unable to offer a timely resolution. This required the organization to completely shut down customer access to an online portal and that led to numerous calls to agents to address time-sensitive issues related to real estate transactions.

The Solution

Having worked with Sky Data Vault (SDV) previously, the Customer’s trusted Technology Advisor knew how to engage SDV, confident that SDV would be able to meet the Customer’s timelines. From the initial call to signature was 24 hours. The Customer was fully implemented in one week.

The services that best addressed the Customer’s needs were SDV’s fully managed IaaS with BaaS. The Customer’s production environment is now housed in the secure SDV private cloud and supported by BaaS – a fully managed cloud Backup as a Service (BaaS) for one simple monthly fee. These services allow for scalability as the company evolves as well as reduce risk and facilitate recovery.

The Timeline

Day 1
SDV conducted a thorough assessment of the situation, proposing a tailored solution aligned with our Client’s budgetary parameters.

Days 2-7
A new cloud environment was created for the Customer’s infrastructure along with the uploading of all the Customer’s data, software and systems. This new cloud-based infrastructure allows the Customer to add resources as needed to the servers running their mission-critical applications.

Customer Outcomes

  • The Customer’s infrastructure is hosted in a secure private cloud, allowing them to focus on the core mission of the organization.
  • Mission-critical files and folders are recoverable from a cloud environment quickly and with no egress fees.
  • A flexible and scalable infrastructure and data protection service is available without adding workloads to the IT Team’s workload.

Partner Outcomes

  • The Partner has a long-standing relationship with the Customer and has further solidified their position.
  • Demonstrated value through introducing Customer to a unique solution provider who was able to swiftly solve the Customer’s IT challenges with a customer-focused approach at an affordable cost.
  • SDV’s seamless, white-glove implementation and simplified management showcased the Partner’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions.

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