Sky Data Vault Quickly Implements Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution After Customer Experiences a Holiday Breach

The Customer

Fast-growing wireless communications software company located in major urban area.

The Challenge

The Customer’s new IT Director, who had been on the job for only a few months, realized that the company had no backup or disaster recovery plan in place. He brought in the IT Partner to help address front end risk and data protection, and the IT Partner contacted Sky Data Vault (SDV). While we were discussing options, the Customer experienced a breach during the Christmas Holiday which demonstrated the need for a quick, reliable solution.

The Situation

The Customer had multiple in-house servers and a NAS enterprise storage array to off-load data which they were working on archiving. They needed a solution that protected both the on-premises servers as well as the NAS device. Since they were operating without any real backup solution and had already experienced a breach, they were looking for a provider who could move nimbly and expeditiously.

The Solution

Working closely with the IT Partner, Sky Data Vault provided a tailored solution that ensured the security of the Customer’s data and protected business continuity. SDV recommended a combination of two managed cloud services: Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), incorporating both the in-house servers as well as the NAS device. The efficient implementation of and transition to SDV disaster recovery and backup services was quick and seamless for the Customer.

Customer Outcomes

Sky Data Vault assisted the IT Partner in thoroughly assessing the Customer’s needs for backup and disaster recovery. The assessment process from start to finish was simple for both the Customer and the IT Partner. In addition, when the breach occurred during the Christmas Holiday, SDV expedited the process and quickly implemented their solutions to protect the Customer’s data. Through this process, the IT Partner reinforced his long-standing relationship with the Customer as a trusted advisor.

Partner Outcomes

Mission critical data is quickly and easily recoverable from a cloud environment with no egress fees. Protected server environments are also recoverable in a secure cloud environment within approximately 30 minutes in the event of a ransomware attack, site disaster, fire, flood, or electrical outage.

Important Things to Note

  • Costs for services can adjust as customer requirements evolve.
  • Recovery and backup services have a simple pricing model for easy budgeting.
  • Cloud recoverability tests are available on an annual basis to verify services are functioning properly at no additional cost.
  • As servers reach capacity, a customer can leverage the Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution to migrate into a SDV Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution.
  • Implementing SDV’s DRaaS solutions improves the customer’s competitiveness and marketability in their industry.

Contact Sky Data Vault today to learn how we can develop a custom tailored solution for your customer that ensures the security of the their data and protects their business continuity. Email us at, or give us a phone call at 1.844.881.8672.

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