Sky Data Vault Saves A Large Manufacturing Company A Half Million Dollars!

SKY DATA VAULT CASE STUDY: Manufacturing Company


Pacific Northwest third-generation family-run manufacturing company with 9 production sites, over 1.600 employees, and a reputation of excellence serving US and international clients.


Disaster Recovery site was aging and replacement costs were over $500,000. In addition to the capital expense, the IT team was focused exclusively on maintaining the DR site and burdened with recovery of data if required.


  • Initial assessment by IT Partner and SDV of running a secondary DR site was costly and not core to the mission of the Customer.
  • SDV’s Solution is implemented rapidly eliminating capital expense for new hardware, software, and Installation of new servers. The Customer can also dictate recovery levels based on data priority and applications.
  • SDV’s Solution allows for future growth to be easily budgeted, eliminating the need for costly hardware expenses.

The Challenge

The Disaster Recovery (DR) site was located in a space leased in a data center and comprised of aging company-owned hardware and software. Replacement cost estimates were staggering with hardware costs assessed at $400,000, software another $50,000, implementation fees approximately $50,000 with an additional $100,000+ over 3 years to operate the data center. Along with the costly infrastructure estimates, managing and maintaining the DR site was overburdening the Customer’s IT resources, leading to the delay of new projects and services.

The Solution

Working with the IT Partner, Sky Data Vault (SDV) recommended a combination of two managed cloud services – Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and Backup as a Service (BaaS). For high-priority applications and data, SDV deployed the DRaaS solution: giving the Customers access to their files and folders in addition to providing a cloud recovery for those systems in under 30 minutes. This timeframe far exceeded the Customer’s current services that had previously taken days to recover. For lower priority data, SDV’s BaaS was an ideal fit. The Customer can access files and folders in near real time and there are never any egress fees with the service. Both services are fully managed by SDV, allowing the Customer’s IT team to focus on other areas of technology that can drive the business forward.

The Outcome

For the Customer:

  • Cost savings allows them to reinvest in other areas of the business that have a direct impact on the growth of the business.
  • Reduced workloads on the IT team allows the Customer to deploy new technology faster and identify crucial IT issues that can move the company forward.
  • Solution allows a pathway for the Customer to “Stretch into the Cloud. As production servers need to be retired or reach capacity, the Customer will leverage the DRaas solution to migrate those servers to a Business in the Cloud (Bitc) service with SDV.

For the IT Partner:

  • By approaching the Customer challenge differently and not as just another hardware sale, the IT Partner was able to leverage cloud services to significantly save their Customer’s IT budgeted costs.
  • IT Partner also identified areas of cyber security and options to improve efficiency by moving to a cloud-based phone system.
  • IT Partner has solidified their standing with the Customer as a Trusted Advisor. • 1.844.881.8672 •

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