Sky Data Vault Saves Customer from Loss of Intellectual Property, Reputation, and Downtime

The Customer  

A large, multinational chemical wholesale distributor.  

The Challenge  

The customer had 20 virtual machines (VMs) in four locations around the world and 30 US based weigh  stations throughout the US for which there was no disaster recovery plan in place.  

The Situation 

After breaking away from their parent company to form their own entity, the customer inherited 20 VMs in  four locations around the world. They did not have the ability to turn up their entire production server  environment in the case of a long-term outage. Additionally, the customer had 30 weigh station machines  throughout the US which were not being protected with a Disaster Recovery plan. One of the weigh 

stations had been recently stolen from a site which put the customer at risk of reputational harm and cost  the company $250,000 per week in downtime. The customer was also concerned about loss of Intellectual  Property if the data was corrupted. 

The Solution

Sky Data Vault assisted the IT Partner in thoroughly assessing the Customer’s situation and worked to provide tailored solutions that would manage risk and facilitate system recovery.  After discussing industry standards and marketplace options, SDV and the Customer identified effective solutions at costs that fit within the Customer’s budget. 

 The services that best addressed the Customer’s objectives were a combination of SDV’s fully managed Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS),  Backup as a Service (BaaS) and O365 Backup – a fully managed solution giving the Customer complete control and recovery of their O365 data.  These services allowed the customer to focus on their core mission as an organization while having their data protected with support by SDV.

Customer Outcomes  

  • The customer now has a resilient and robust disaster recovery plan. 
  • SDV’s White Glove Implementation made the transition both fast and seamless for the customer,  requiring as little as 30 minutes of their time. The outcomes for the customer mission critical files  and folders are recoverable from a cloud environment, quickly and with no egress fees.  
  • In the event of ransomware, site disaster, fire, flood, and/or electrical outage, protected VM server  environments are recoverable in a secure cloud environment within 30 minutes. 
  • The ability to recover any of the protected “weigh station” server environments in a secure cloud in  the event of a theft, ransomware, site disaster, fire, flood, and/or electrical outage in a secure cloud  environment within 24 hours. 
  • Full control and recoverability of data in O365.  
  • Cloud recoverability tests are available on an annual basis to verify services are functioning properly  with ZERO cost to the customer. 
  • A fully flexible and scalable data protection service is available without adding workloads to the IT  team’s workload. 

Partner Outcomes 

  • Demonstration of their value to their customer by first understanding their issues and then  introducing them to a unique solution provider who was able to solve the customer’s existing IT  challenges with a customer-focused approach at an affordable cost. 
  • Continued to grow partnership with the customer as a trusted IT advisor. 
  • SDV’s solutions made it easy for the IT partner and seamless for their customer.


Contact Sky Data Vault today to learn how we can develop a custom tailored solution for your customer that ensures the security of the their data and protects their business continuity. Email us at, or give us a phone call at 1.844.881.8672.

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