Sky Data Vault Saves Nonprofit From “The Great Resignation”



A large nonprofit organization with the main location in Texas and 5 additional campuses in the US along with members throughout the world. Small, dedicated internal IT team focused on technical services to support the main location, campuses, and members worldwide.


The abrupt resignation of an internal Network Administrator stopped data protection and suspended required patching and maintenance to mission-critical applications.


  • Sky Data Vault helped the Partner correctly assess the Customer’s need and ran a seamless implementation from start to finish in under 2 weeks.
  • The internal IT team is now externally supported by SDV’s team and no longer reliant on a single individual within the organization for critical services.
  • Refocused the IT team on emerging technology and services that align with the nonprofit’s core mission as an organization
  • Expanded SDV Partner’s role as a truster advisor to the Customer.

The Situation

The Customer’s network administrator, responsible for data backup and server maintenance, abruptly left their IT team, leaving the Customer’s IT team without knowledge of the backup process, data access, or how to recover data if servers failed. Additionally, the administrator’s departure occurred just prior to a large server patch and software maintenance update. With no appropriate protection or recovery service in place, the IT team was unable to perform the necessary patching and maintenance on the mission-critical servers and applications.

The Solution

The Customer engaged their trusted IT Partner in Telephony and Access requirement. The Cloud Services Training event introduced the Customer to SDV. The SDV team conducted a thorough review of the Customer’s protection and recovery requirements and determined the Customer required a Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution to meet their management team’s up time requirements.

Once the scope was determined, the Customer received a comprehensive Solutions Overview from SDV that included a detailed review of discovery, customer objectives, service
recommendations, and budget. Upon authorization, SDV’s White Glove Implementation Network Administrator stopped data and completed the migration to the SDV service within 5 business days with no interruption to protection and suspension required by the Customer’s users and very little time from their IT team.
patching and maintenance of mission

Now the Customer is no longer reliant on one individual to support the backup and recovery requirements but can rely on the external SDV team. This new Managed Service model also allows the Customer’s IT team to focus on, and expand, the usage of their technology to reach and serve their members worldwide.

The Outcome

For the Customer:

  • The IT Team was able to complete required patching and maintenance on the mission-critical servers and applications within 2 weeks of meeting SDV.
  • The SDV team ran a service training with the IT Team to understand the SDV service and how to engage with SDV for support or to discuss changes as their requirements evolved.
  • The SDV DRaaS solution provides the Customer with required data recovery along with externally supported by SDV’s team access to a virtual environment in the secure SDV Cloud where they can manage their and no longer reliant on single applications and servers if needed. This access also provides a simple and easy migration path to the SDV Cloud when their onsite environment reaches capacity.

For the IT Partner:

  • IT Partner had a long-standing relationship with the Customer for Internet and Telephony services. This engagement allowed their conversation to expand into discussions on the
    with the nonprofit’s core mission as functions of the Customer’s organization and where the IT Partner could bring efficiency and additional value to them.
  • Within the first 30 days of implementation, the IT Partner also secured the Customer’s Microsoft 365® users with SDV’s Microsoft 365® Backup service.
  • The IT Partner is now a valued resource for the Customer’s future technology needs. • 1.844.881.8672 •

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