Thompson’s Top Ten Sales Tips for Selling Anything

Sales Tips From Michael Thompson

Michael Thompson, Co-founder, and VP of sales at Sky Data Vault spends most of his time mentoring sales professionals who are interested in selling managed disaster recovery as a service. But with a background in sales spanning more than two decades, and across varied technology and services, he has learned a few things that translate to anyone in sales.  In his recent interview with Fred Diamond of “Sales Game Changers Podcast,” he discusses challenges, tactics, and ways to close deals around the technology by getting to the root of a client’s specific needs, starting with “why.”

Thompson believes that “The key to sales and the sales process is understanding what the client needs.” If the client doesn’t know what they need, it’s important to probe them with appropriate questions. These questions lead the client to understand exactly what they’re trying to accomplish and why they’re trying to accomplish it. By helping them sort this out, sales professionals can then align their sales objectives to client needs. Sound like a challenge? It is, but “that’s what makes the sales processes so rewarding” for Thompson.

Thompson’s Top 10:

For anyone interested in exceeding their sales quota, Thompson suggests that if you put in the work, find the right people, and practice, you will become more proficient, efficient, and learn more ways to effectively communicate better with your customers. His top ten tips on how to succeed in business include:

  1. Have fun with it. “Make it a game, and if you do that, results will come.”
  2. Practice Practice Practice. Whether it’s through role play with coworkers or in front of a mirror by yourself, practice interacting with clients. It’s the only way to get better.
  3. Build strong and diverse peer relationships both in your field and outside of Sales.
  4. Peers can be Mentors – Reach out to those peers and use them as a sounding board.
  5. Pick up the phone.
  6. Be efficient with your time. Instead of focusing on the big deals, focus on the relevant ones. You need to put your effort where you can maximize your return.
  7. Practice Practice Practice some more.
  8. Understand that there is no magic bullet or guru that will make you succeed. You are in charge of building your skills.
  9. Develop a sales process or methodology that suits you and know your metrics
  10. Make sure to disconnect and spend time thinking and getting perspective on your sales process.

For more tips and to listen to the entire interview, click here, and as always, email us directly with any questions you might have.

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