Agent Partners with Sky Data Vault to Provide HIPAA Compliant Managed Cloud Services – Fast

A small home health care provider needed a HIPAA compliant, secure backup solution immediately. Sky Data Vault helped the agent correctly assess their need and ran a seamless implementation from start to finish. The client had a fully HIPAA compliant, no-hassle Backup as a Service solution up and running 4 days after signing with Sky Data Vault.

The Challenge

A Telarus partner, Telco Solutions, came across a managed services opportunity with a home health care provider in Albany, NY. The company did not have a HIPAA compliant backup solution. Patient information was not protected correctly and the health care provider was exposed to large fines and other penalties…they needed a solution immediately. Telco solutions asked Telarus to identify a supplier. Telarus recommended Sky Data Vault (SDV) for three reasons:

  1. SDV’s comprehensive HIPAA compliant cloud services portfolio.
  2. SDV’s ability to deliver rapid solutions.
  3. SDV’s process makes it very easy for agents to identify prospects and close deals.

The Solution

The agent used  “SDV’s 5 Questions” to have a productive conversation with the customer which clarified their urgent  need for Managed Cloud Services. The agent called the Sky Data Vault team, who agreed that there was a fit. Sky Data Vault scheduled a discovery call with the Agent and their client. That discussion led to a tailored, cost effective solution that would meet HIPAA compliance regulations – quickly.

Sky Data Vault’s Backup as a Service (BaaS) Universal Solution was customized to meet their regulatory, volume and recovery time frame needs.  The home health care provider had a fully functional solution running four days later.  If they ever experience a data loss in the future, one call is all it will take to recover what they lost. They are protected from accidental deletions, hardware failures and even malware or ransomware.

The Results

The customer is enjoying compliance, peace of mind, increased productivity, and hard cost savings. This home health care provider now spends more time providing home health care to their clients and less time worrying about HIPAA compliance challenges. Sky Data Vault turned around a solution that made it easy for the agent and seamless for his customer.

The Agent thought the process worked well.

“I have sold telecom services for 15 years but never ventured into cloud services,” he told us.  “I teamed up with SDV, and they made a newbie look like a Rockstar!  SDV provided my customer Backup as a Service that was HIPAA compliant, gave them peace of mind, and confidence knowing that the company’s information was secured offsite with a quality service provider.”.

Sky Data Vault’s VP of Business Development  and Co-Founder, Michael Thompson summed it up.

“These are the challenges we love to address for our Partners. Our team supports the discovery process so we can turn around a solution faster than most and still meet all the customer requirements. SDV White Glove Implementation means we can implement solutions incredibly fast and with no interruption to the customer.  We are proud of our relationships with our Partner Community and the value we bring to their customers.”

More information on Sky Data Vault’s 5 Questions, it’s BaaS Solutions, and the rest of their Managed Cloud Services Solutions, can be found at You can also email us at

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