Baltimore Ransomware Attacks: Has Progress Been Made?

The Latest on Baltimore Ransomware Attacks

It has been nearly 4 months since Baltimore city government offices were attacked by Robinhood ransomware. The attack affected the city’s municipal services, including email, phone, and billing systems. As of this week, they are finally able to issue utility bills to their residents.

Next month, Baltimore residents will be required to pay for 4 months worth of utilities in one bill. City officials recently sent out over 400,000 postcards to prepare them for the upcoming cost. In an effort to help families that can not afford the large bill, the city will waive late fees and allow residents to sign up for 6-month payment plans.

According to The Baltimore Sun, “the city has projected over $10 million in recovery costs and will miss out on $8 million in revenue” due to the Robinhood attack. They might not have known it at the time, but this attack could have been prevented.

It’s time for municipalities to take cyber threats seriously. IT teams should make sure they have backup and recovery systems in place that can withstand any type of disruption. Everybody in every department can help with the effort. We all need to protect ourselves better. Begin building your plan, now.

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