FBI Issues “High Impact” Cyber Attack Warning

FBI Issues “High Impact” Cyber Attack Warning

On Oct 2nd, the FBI sent out a “high impact” cyber attack warning to businesses and organizations across the United States. According to the report, “ransomware actors are now targeting health care organizations, industrial companies, and the transportation sector.” Government officials are urging all business leaders to report malware to The Internet Crime Complaint Center so they can better track of new threats.

Ransomware attacks have risen by 363% since 2018. This includes the 621 hospitals, 500 schools, and 169 businesses have been attacked since January. The warning was issued in response to the three hospitals in Alabama that were reportedly “forced to turn away non-critical patients after a ransomware attack on October 1st.”

Cybercriminals often access company systems by exploiting both human and software vulnerabilities. The most common entry point is through email phishing. Once in, they can delete, modify, or hold information for ransom. Healthcare organizations are especially at risk due to the fragile nature of patient records and their medical treatment plans.

Cyber attacks can’t be prevented. What companies can do is take precautionary steps to protect their data. One way to do this is through Managed Disaster Recovery as a Software (MDRaaS). Depending on the size of your client’s organization, we can customize data backup plans to meet their data security needs.

You can view the full FBI announcement here. Then, visit our resources page and give us a call or shoot us an email to see if we can help. We’d love to talk to chat about what options are available.

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