Has Technology Failed You During COVID-19?

Management is asking difficult questions about how effective our internal response to the pandemic has been. The feeling is not good enough. It is unfortunate that it has taken a pandemic to drive home the necessity for digital transformation, but that’s the reality.

COVID-19 has shaken things up and challenged the complacency that accompanies the belief that “if it is not broke, don’t fix it.” A vast number of companies, large and small, have been neglecting technology for a while. Growing businesses always seem to have more pressing things to invest in. Business leaders often take for granted that the current technology infrastructure is adequate without periodically auditing their needs or investing to meet future ones. Most businesses overlook how great the risk is when our IT systems fail. Read article in Forbes >

Consuming Technology at Increasing Levels

Which leads us to now. Businesses are consuming technology at increasing levels – the rise in the volume of video calls, the high loads on virtual private networks, and the increasing use of the internet outside of our physical office walls over less secure connections are just a few examples of how much things have changed. And then there’s the idea that “work from home” will not necessarily end as the economy reopens. Some may choose to continue remote work, and others may find themselves forced to if stay-at-home orders resurface this fall.

“The challenges we all face during COVID-19 show just how unpredictable risk is. As business leaders, we need to be addressing IT risks and business continuity differently. Who takes care of this work if we have staff that gets sick or furloughed? What happens if there’s another stay-at-home order this fall? What is the competitive advantage if we are prepared when our competition is not? It is the time to think about how technology allows us to be agile and elastic, and to be prepared for multiple scenarios and requirements,” Michael Thompson, co-founder of Sky Data Vault.

Evaluating Technology Needs

Now is the time to face the difficult, but critical task of modernizing core technology systems and ensuring continuity programs are in place. The good news is there is finally organizational support to ensure these things happen, and happen quickly.

One thing you can do is to look for managed services providers that can flex with you as your needs change, as well as business in the cloud solutions that give your team a high-performance infrastructure to work remotely.

Contact us today if we can help you evaluate the right technology options for your business. We give you straight answers on what is best for your specific needs.

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