How to Streamline your Company’s IT—Eliminating Turnover While Achieving Efficiency and Continuity

It probably won’t surprise any business owners to know that, according to a recent turnover report from LinkedIn, IT professionals have the highest turnover rate at 13.2% with a median employee tenure of only one or two years.

I recently came across a job seeker in the IT field who shared the following about their present employment:

Director of Technology

Currently IT Director for a startup company, functioning as the sole technology professional for 120 employees. Previously held various IT project management roles, working both direct and behind the scenes to move projects from ideation to fruition. Mostly has retail industry experience but is open to a change.

Can you spot the various reasons this individual is ready for a new opportunity?

  • How is it possible for a single individual to run IT for a 120-person organization?
  • Does this individual have expertise in all areas of IT that touch the organization?
  • Given the complexity of technology, security requirements, and new requirements from organizations, how can this individual possibly stay on top of everything?
  • Due to the time constraints of working with 120 people solo, what snap decisions are being made on technology that is not taking longer term strategy into play?
  • What happens to the organization when this person goes on vacation or leaves altogether? How long will they be without oversight of the mission critical systems and software that make this organization function?

Burnout is a real factor in the job market and IT Departments are losing headcount rapidly as the job market gets more competitive to hire this talent.

But there is a solution.

By engaging Sky Data Vault, organizations, and the IT personnel that they employ, can leverage the benefits of our managed cloud services. SDV services will take workloads off the IT staff allowing them to focus more time and effort on mission software and applications that move the organization forward. The organization benefits from a team of experts providing a world-class service for an easy-to-budget, flat monthly fee. A true win/win.

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