Introducing BitC – The Simple (But Mighty) Cloud Migration Solution for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Can you really migrate your business to the cloud this month? Without killing your budget? BitC is here for you.

What is Business in the Cloud?

Our new “Business in the Cloud” service was built to help small to medium-sized businesses get all the benefits of moving their IT to the cloud without all the hassles. Some people call this IaaS, but the big difference between that and BitC is simple: we manage your cloud. That means you don’t need to do anything. We get it set up. We monitor it and maintain it. Problem? Call us. It’s taken care of.

We developed BitC because our existing MDRaaS clients found that those times they were running in our temporary Disaster Recovery Cloud were really good times. Their systems ran as well or better than they did normally. Very reasonably, they wanted to run there full time.

We built BitC to make that easy for them and for any small or medium-sized business.

Why do businesses want the cloud?

BitC saves money and resources

It is expensive and time consuming to replace hardware every 3-5 years. If you have IT people, you probably want them working on things that make your business successful, not wasting time worrying about hardware contracts or trying to diagnose system failures.


Your needs probably change even faster than your hardware ages. If you are growing. If you are changing, if you are seasonal, if you ebb and flow, if you add capabilities – your needs will change. BitC handles changes like that with minimal effort. You will always have a system that is scaled to meet your current needs and ready to meet tomorrows.


Security and disaster recovery have become absolute necessities for every business and it is more complex than ever to ensure you have them right. BitC includes the security and disaster recovery you need. One service, one vendor, no problems.

We know you have questions.

Can someone really make the cloud easy and onboarding fast?

Yes. BitC will have you running entirely in the cloud in a week.

Can my business get to the cloud without huge consulting fees?

Yes. BitC eliminates the need for specialized consultants – and their huge fees.

Will my system really work – or work better  – in the cloud?

Yes. In fact we’ll prove it to you before you sign. This is usually the hardest question for technology companies to answer. You don’t want to buy something if you’re not sure it’s going to work. We have you covered.

BitC Cloud Test Drive: SDV will build and customize a cloud environment for YOUR business based on YOUR individual requirements and allow you to run any application you want, free of charge, and without a contract commitment.

How much is this going to cost? 

We can easily accommodate single servers with just a few GB of space and scale up to   dozens of servers and 100’s of TB of data. BitC can start for as little as $150 per month, so it is accessible for any business.  Just like before, we still offer the same level of end-to-end onboarding, service, and support, and are still available 24/7 in case your clients need us for any reason at all.

Help celebrate the BitC launch with a $100 Amazon gift certificate.

Three helpful, lucky people will get one.

We want your feedback on the new Service and our website refresh, so we’re going to give you a little reason to check it out.

Here’s how to get one:

  1. Visit our refreshed website.
  2. Reply to this email with answers to the four questions below.
  3. You’ll be entered to win one of 3 $100 gift cards.

The questions:

  1. What does BitC stand for?
  2. Do you know what IaaS is?
  3. We’ve updated our services pages – what do you think?
  4. Does it make you curious about talking to us further?

Reply to this email with your answers, and you can help us celebrate by getting yourself something nice from Amazon.

Michael Thompson


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