My Year with Telarus

My Year with Telarus

In the course of the last year, I have represented Sky Data Vault at over a half-dozen Telarus Boot Camps throughout the United States. Our work together culminated at the annual Telarus Partner Summit in Denver, Colorado in August, where I had the chance to address the community as a whole for the first time. I met so many of you – and you blew me away.

My goal is to make it easy for you to use your existing expertise to sell cloud services. Since the summit, the Sky Data Vault team has been working to build better programs and tools to help you sell cloud more easily. We want to honor what you already know and the way you already work with your clients. Our goal is to give you more ways to do what you already do. You’ve given me a lot of positive feedback on what we’ve done so far, and how we can improve.

Here is what I’ve learned along the way, and what we’ve done to help make it as easy as possible for you to move forward without disrupting your day to day business.

Agents have common concerns:

Concern 1: Cloud is confusing

Many of you have told us that customers and prospects are confused about Cloud Services. They know they need them and are looking for service providers that can manage it all for them. They don’t want to have to build or maintain their own solutions. They want to stay focused on their mission as an organization. They need guidance.

How we help: We do all the talking. We break it down and make it simple for you and for your clients.

Concern 2: Not sure how to pivot from cloud to telephony

Many of you have also told us that as partners you are trying to make the “pivot” into cloud services for these customers but aren’t sure how. You want to be the ones to guide them -and new prospects- towards the right plan of action, but learning how to guide in this way seems daunting. We heard this from nearly everyone – from those of you serving smaller clients to some of the largest players in the community.

How we help: Our sales enablement program is designed to get you started with almost no effort on your part. No facts to master, no habits to change.

Concern 3: You don’t have time to waste

Your biggest concern is the time it will take to learn about cloud services. You’re thinking “How do I manage my existing customer base and position potential new services, while balancing the need to go out and get more new customers.” You’ve told us this is stressful. I can see how you might feel unsure if you can learn and sell new services without losing site of the core offerings you built your business on. It is quite the challenge.

How we help: Our program requires very little time on your part. An hour of your time can lead to a lot of new business. You manage the relationships, we manage the sale.

Taking the first step is the hardest:

You have to trust that a new provider is going to actually live up to their promises. This seems to be a rare thing. Partners like you are always looking to find ways to vet and understand how we, the suppliers, work with the channel and support your customers. Our team can help with that.

Answering the call:

At the Telarus event, I presented our annual Partner Summit new sales enablement program. This program makes it super easy for you to take the first step toward selling cloud services. It also makes it super easy for you to recognize who amongst your clients may be ready for cloud services. The Sky Data Vault Team then works with you and your customers every step of the way.

In addition to our sales enablement program, I am continuing to host boot camps around the country. These bootcamps are meant to help familiarize you with the different layers of cyber security and build your confidence while talking with prospective clients. -Don’t worry, I take a totally non-technical approach. It’s the same approach you can use in your sales pitch.

The Five Key Questions.

We’ve learned how to identify a perfect prospect for our services with just five simple questions. When you join our sales enablement program, we will go over these five questions that will lead you to new opportunities within our portfolio and additional could services. You’ll be a pro in no time.

Since our program teaches you to discuss cybersecurity in ways that everyone can understand, the agents who have partnered with us to sell cloud services have become even more valuable to their clients. They are heroes who’re bringing in the next generation of help and valuable services for them.

I am seeing incredible amounts of engagement from the Telarus Partner Community as we continue to kick off Sales Enablement Programs across the country. Results and feedback from the Telarus partner community have been overwhelming. Some partners are seeing new opportunities to close Cloud Service business within 2 weeks of starting their program with us. All of the Telarus Marketing and PSM Groups have been wonderful every step of the way – through the planning, execution, and follow through.

On behalf of the Sky Data Vault team, we look forward to further expanding our Telarus relationship in 2020 and beyond.

Would you like to learn more about our program?

Attend a Bootcamp:

If you are interested in making the pivot to cloud services but worried that you aren’t savvy enough, we’ve got you covered. We hold bootcamps every month in different cities around the country. Our last two events in Baltimore and DC went off without a hitch. Our next one will be in NYC. You can stay up to date and sign up for upcoming events in real time by following our LinkedIn page.

Email us at

If you can’t make it to one of our regional trainings and/or missed the summit, you can view our sales enablement presentation here. It’s all about selling cloud services to your clients without any technical knowledge. You can also check out our resources page and shoot us an email if you have any additional questions. Our sales team will coordinate a call with me directly.

Or pick up the phone: 1-844-881-8672

I would love to walk you through our plan. Let’s discuss how Sky Data Vault can make it work for you and your clients, and steps we both need to take in order to do so. Give us a call if you’re ready to move forward, you get stuck, have additional questions, or just want to say “hi.” We look forward to hearing from you.

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