Sky Data Vault is Now Supporting VEEAM Software

Sky Data Vault (SDV) announced today a new enhancement to its growing data protection and recovery service portfolio. SDV will now be supporting customers with VEEAM software* requirements. This enhanced offering allows for two new features to meet customer requirements.

Feature #1: Secure Cloud Target. This is a feature for customers that want to leverage their existing investment in VEEAM software but are looking for a way to extend the storage of the backups from strictly on site to a more secure, cloud target. In many cases customers are storing VEEAM backups to local appliances adjacent to the production environment. This methodology does not provide sufficient resiliency, does not meet customer compliance requirements, or align to best practice with industry standards. By simply selecting SDV as their service provider in the VEEAM portal, SDV will provide a secure cloud location for the customer to write their back up data to. In this instance, no additional VEEAM software license costs would apply, and the customers IT staff can self-manage the service and rely on SDV for support for storage requirements.

Feature #2: Managed Service Offering. This is a feature ideal for customers that want to offload the time and effort required to maintain the service and have a team of experts ready if a recovery is ever required. SDV also offers Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Disaster Recover as a Service (DRaaS), leveraging VEEAM as the backup software. This managed service offering also includes the SDV “1:2:1 Methodology” which provides for more resilient data protection along with a lightning-fast recovery option for full server recovery.

In both service offerings, Sky Data Vault provides a simple and straightforward pricing model based on the amount of data the customer wants to protect. There are no egress fees, or surprise management fees so budgeting for data protection is easy and affordable. For DRaaS Customers, this monthly fee also includes annual testing and a 30 day recovery in the Secure SDV cloud for free in the event the production environment is lost.

“This enhanced service add really stems from feedback from our customers. In some cases, customers have made significant investments in VEEAM, but have lost the IT resources required to monitor, manage, and maintain the system, along with reduced headcount to support a recovery scenario. We felt that if we took a more adaptive, ‘meet the customer where they are’ approach, we would be able to take workloads off their shoulders to allow the customer to refocus on the core competencies of the organization,” says Michael Thompson, VP Sales and Strategy at SDV.

“We recognize that some backup software performs better for certain business applications. The addition of VEEAM to our software options for BaaS and DRaaS allows us to provide the best possible recovery experience for our customers” adds David McPeak, President and CIO of SDV.

*Veeam Software is an information technology company developing backup, disaster recovery and virtualization management software for VMware and Hyper-V virtual environments.

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