Sky Data Vault Named 20 Most Promising Disaster Recovery Solution Providers 2016 by CIO Review

Keep Your Data Safe

In the digital epoch, a growing reliance on information for continued productivity and operation of the business has always remained a primary concern for organizations. With the risk of meeting unforeseen natural disasters and human-induced adversities, many understand the need to stay afloat. And most importantly, to keep their mission-critical businesses running. However, higher investments and bulky infrastructure have hindered the adaptability of the traditional disaster recovery framework.

Many solution providers utilize Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) products to help reduce downtime. Robust cloud-based storage, backup, and automatic recovery methods are helping organizations prepare and respond to business disruptions. These solutions are designed to maintain optimal performance, and consistency, despite geographic differences. All while relaying information from one point to another. Additionally, backup and recovery systems are always at standby and execute their procedures, with almost no manual intervention.

In an effort to facilitate the shift towards resilient DRaaS systems, a panel of prominent CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts, along with CIOReview’s editorial board has assessed scores of disaster recovery solution providers and picked out a list of prime choices.

We have considered the vendor’s ability in designing and building advanced disaster recovery solutions and services. All while catering to the enterprise’s needs, at the same time adding to its functional and productive flair. We present to you CIOReview’s 20 Most Promising Disaster Recovery Solution Providers 2016.

Disaster Recovery Made Easy

The genesis of Sky Data Vault (SDV) traces back to 2013. The founders, seasoned in managed services, IT support, and telecom marketplaces recognized the surging adoption of cloud services. They also identified the demand for affordable, cloud-enabled DR solutions.

“We all think of fire, flood, and long term power outage when we hear DRaaS. The reality is human error, hardware failure, and malware are far more common than environmental issues. We felt if we simplified the services for the customer, eliminated upfront hardware costs, and went to market with a monthly service fee, DRaaS would be more accessible for organizations to mitigate risk in all areas of their business.” Says Michael Thompson, founder of Sky Data Vault.

Sky Data Vault’s state-of-the-art Disaster Recovery solutions portfolio includes Direct to Cloud (D2C) Back Up, Hybrid DRaaS and Direct to Cloud (D2C) DRaas. This gives organizations options based on their business objectives. D2C Back Up offers protection and recovery services for important files and folders. This is achieved by encrypting the backups and storing them in a secure SDV Cloud. For organizations with a more enhanced recovery requirement of entire servers of applications, the company’s Hybrid DRaaS service offers both on-premise, as well as an off-site cloud recovery option, the best of both worlds.

Bringing Direct to Cloud to a Larger Market

Late in 2015, Sky Data Vault rolled out the newest service to their solution portfolio with D2C DRaaS. “Organizations looking to leverage IaaS, lease space in data centers, or still have large on-premise environments have been eager to deploy this service. In essence, D2C DRaas give the organization a fully managed DR site for their production environment. All files, folders, applications, and software can be turned up in a matter of minutes,” extols Thompson. D2C DRaaS does not require any equipment, individual software, maintenance, or hosting costs.

The strength of Sky Data Vault lies in pursuing an agile approach to complex protection and recovery service. “It is not necessarily the technology that differentiates us from our peers. It’s the way we designed the services to simplify DR for our customers and provide it to them in a cost-effective flat monthly fee, with no upfront costs,” states Thompson.

Looking Forward

Sky Data Vault has reached out to many SMB and non-profit organizations through its growing MSP and Channel partner community. This provides an avenue to address their protection and recovery needs. In one instance, Airlines for American, which relocation their physical offices while evaluating moving some applications to IaaS. “By working with Sky Data Vault, we were able to mitigate risk with the physical move to the new offices. We were also able to evaluate the right IaaS for our businesses and deploy with confidence knowing that SDV could support both our on-premise, as well as clouded DR requirements,” states Scott Mearns, Managing Director of IT, Airlines for America.

Surging ahead, Sky Data Vault is on an aggressive growth path. They plan to launch a risk assessment tool in the next year to empower organizations in understanding and analyzing potential risks in their current environment. “We also look forward to leveraging new technologies and efficiencies to reduce the time spent in a recovery scenario,” Thompson says.

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