Save of the Month: February 2019

Cloud Services from Sky Data Vault

Subleasing an office space can be tough. Subleasing in a larger company’s office space can be tougher, especially when you don’t know what that company is up to… In the case of our most recent save, one of our DC clients, a small accounting firm, subleased space in the server room of a larger company in order to store their servers and networking.

One day, without notice, the FBI showed up on a full raid mission, locking down the building and tenant offices. Everyone was forced to evacuate, leaving our client without access to any of their data, files, or servers for an undisclosed period of time. Knowing that they could not continue to work without their data, they called SDV for help.

Luckily, our client had cloud services in place, allowing us to spin up our protected servers to restore their information. They immediately moved into a new office space and ordered a firewall in case anything should happen again. The next day, when it arrived, SDV team members were ready and waiting to get them set up and connected to the new hosted environment. While their physical space may have belonged to someone else, they kept total control over their business data and operations.

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