Save of the Month: January 2019

Save of the Month: January

In a disaster recovery scenario that seems right out of a movie, Philadelphia’s city streets were recently flooded with 15 million gallons of water from a water main break in the city’s center. Our client, a prominent office furniture company, whose office is located on the 12th floor of a nearby building, was told that they would need to vacate immediately and stay away, without access, for up to 6 weeks! This, of course, was not an option for them as they were determined to maintain their 120-year history of exemplary service and individualized attention, regardless of their physical office space.

Shocked and alarmed but ready to take action, the company’s leaders were able to spin up virtual images in the Secure SDV Cloud for their team to access. Then, they used their SDV hosted service to allow all 65 employees to VPN in from home for three whole weeks without missing a beat. Once The Water Authority deemed it clear to return to their office, SDV assisted in restoring all of their systems and data into their production environment on site. How’s that for disaster insurance?

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