Save of the Month: March 2019

Too Big To Fail? Not so fast… The IT markets are still digesting the news of Windstream’s Chapter 11. Cloudy? You bet. Windstream customers are desperately trying to understand if this means that their own organizations are also at risk. The reality is, they might be…. and you can help.

It’s no secret that relationships within IT service providers can change at a moment’s notice. A trusted experience manager leaves, companies shift focus, and unexpected lawsuits – not to mention, bankruptcies – negatively impact the services they are able to provide. These issues usually result in financial struggle, distraction, and in some cases, irreplaceable downtime or financial loss for customers.

In our most recent Save of the Month, an SDV customer was struggling with changes made by their cloud hosting provider. They had trusted this provider with their mission-critical servers, applications, and important files. Regardless, the provider continuously under-performed. The risk they faced grew as they noticed decreased communication and unusual billing discrepancies. Finally, after voicing their concerns, the vendor shut down its instance in their hosting platform cloud.

This customer had luckily purchased SDV’s Direct to Cloud MDRaaS through a partner and knew exactly what to do. They immediately picked up the phone and called us for help. We turned up a new instance to support all of their critical servers, applications, and files and provided secure access to keep them up and running.

Once the servers were secure, their SDV partner helped them find a new IT provider for their production environment-not before they were turned up and fully tested, of course. We then moved all of the customer data to a new environment. This coordinated recovery “back down” made the process seamless for the customer… All with ZERO downtime.

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