Microsoft Office 365® Backup

Protect Mission Critical Data with Microsoft Office 365® Backup

Microsoft Office 365® Backup protects the email, OneDrive and SharePoint data essential to your business and extends the availability of that data well beyond Office 365®.

Benefits of Office 365® Backup:

  • Assists with retention, recoverability and compliance requirements pertaining to your data stored in Office 365®
  • Automated, fully managed protection for emails, SharePoint and OneDrive data
  • Storage that exceeds Office 365® retention policies
  • Meets compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Allows your organization to refocus on their core mission while having full confidence that data stored in Office 365® is available when it is needed
  • Ensures around-the-clock support 24/7/365 from U.S.-based support teams

Organizations That Need Office 365® Backup:

  • Want to maintain ownership of the organizations’ data stored in Office 365®
  • Are concerned with accidental deletion and recoverability of important data and want the ability to recover files and folders with search functionality
  • Want to keep employee files and emails accessible and protected during and after employee departure
  • Understand the risk of external threats from malware, viruses, hackers, and ransomware
  • Must meet compliance requirements for data retention and recoverability
  • Want an easy, cost-effective, per user pricing for a managed service so they can stay focused on the mission of the organization

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