Are Your Employees and Business Systems Safe?

Before we were hit with the coronavirus, there were already people who worked from home. But there were as many, or more, who went into the office every day with access to a secure network and the confidence their information was protected and available whenever they needed it. It’s amazing how quickly things have changed!

COVID-19 has changed the way we do business. Most companies have had to send everyone home and asked employees to set up home offices. Everyone is trying their best to work as if everything is okay. It’s been a struggle to adjust not only for employees but also for employers who need to continue to find ways to provide high-performing secure networks for them.

It is also changing our need to focus even more on security with the rise of cyberattacks. The National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) has issued warnings for businesses and employees that, as the coronavirus outbreak grows, so too is the volume of hacking incidents such as phishing attacks, credential theft, ransomware campaigns, and financial fraud.

Remote work is helping flatten the curve, but it is also resulting in real concerns for companies that weren’t prepared for a fully remote workforce. And we’d like to help.

Free cloud services for secure virtual work

From April 1 to June 30, Sky Data Vault is offering free access to our full suite of cloud services to any US-based businesses, nonprofits, or professional services firms who are new customers.

“We understand the challenges businesses are grappling with to keep their workforce productive while still protecting the organization from the increased threat of malware that comes with a distributed workforce. And we’d like to help,” said Michael Thompson, co-founder of Sky Data Vault.

With this program, new customers can solve a number of work from home challenges, including:

High performing networks for remote work

We’ll help you migrate your onsite network to the cloud to support all your employees, regardless of where they are. We can migrate your data and systems to our network in as little as 24 hours for Standard Implementation. Work won’t be interrupted, and your employees won’t notice a thing has changed. With our Business in the Cloud service, we’ll monitor and maintain your network so you can focus on your business and support your employees during this period.

Protect your networks from malware

There has never been a more critical need to protect your employees and your data. Whether you have to adhere to compliance requirements or your employees are working outside traditional business hours, we can make sure your network is always up and running. Managed Disaster Recovery as a Service ensures your network stays safe from malware or other cyberattacks. If something happens, we quickly and easily switch you over to a backup network.

Reliable backups even with work from home

Getting into the office to run onsite tape backups is hard to do with stay-at-home orders in place. Retrieving data from those backups will prove to be even harder. But you still need to ensure your systems and data continue to get backed up reliably. Our Backup as a Service can help you manage your backups and quickly retrieve data lost to cyberattacks or human error.

Helping the best way we can to respond to COVID-19

Companies have enough to worry about ensuring their employees stay safe and healthy, and business continues to operate during this COVID-19 pandemic. At Sky Data Vault, we want to alleviate the challenges that come with virtual work in the best way we know. This program is our response to stay-at-home mandates and our way of helping businesses “stay safe.”

Contact us today if we can help you with virtual work solutions during this challenging time.

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