How to Spot a Client Who Needs MDRaaS

Nearly all modern businesses depend on data and software. So they all need some level of data backup to keep business running when something goes wrong – and something will go wrong.

Here are some very clear signs that the client needs DRaaS now:

It’s not just freak storms that can cause interruptions. Office moves, aging equipment, and the basic realities of daily operation mean that companies need more reliable, flexible access to their data and systems through services they can count on, no matter what. Here are some clear signs it’s time to upgrade.

A small office that still uses tape backups

Most small offices with fewer than 15-20 users still use tape backup for files. Tape, however, is time-intensive and not very reliable if there is any kind of loss. Direct to cloud services offer a more secure, efficient, and reliable way to store data than backup tapes ever could. Your client can now save all of the information they need to operate, without disrupting the systems they rely on most like email, intranet, and HR services.

For less than the cost of a cable bill, your client can protect their business files and data, and continue to function no matter what life throws at them. This one is a no-brainer.

An office move

If your client is planning an office move and wants to minimize downtime for their own customers, they can use MDRaaS systems to keep their employees on task as though nothing is changing, except of course their data recovery software.

Regulated industries

Law, medicine, and finance industries have information retention requirements that must be upheld no matter what. They cannot risk downtime or loss of data under any circumstance. That’s where MDRaaS comes in. Are they up to date and prepared to comply with their own policies? Now is a good time to find out.

Critical data or systems dependency

Companies that heavily rely on their data systems should be willing to protect that data under any circumstances. Start by asking, “What would happen if you went down for an hour? A day? A week?” If the answer is catastrophic, it’s time to upgrade.

Businesses where uptime is important

Any business that does a high volume of work, or time-sensitive work, needs to know that it can remain up and running no matter what. This includes online retail, law firms, medical firms, insurance companies, and more who simply cannot tolerate work stoppage. Ask these clients what happens if they go down for an hour or two. What happens if they go down for a day or a week. Then ask them how certain they are that can’t happen.

For businesses that are backing up files, folders, and internal systemsmoving to MDRaaS can be vital for functionality. Here are two services they can use:

MDRaaS Direct to Cloud:

This service backs up everything – files, data, software, and systems – so that any loss or failure can be restored within minutes. Whether your client’s office has suffered some kind of catastrophe, someone has accidentally deleted material, or they have been hacked, a business can carry as if nothing has happened.

MDRaaS Hybrid:

Think of MDRaaS Hybrid as a spare tire for a business. It includes on-site servers that can be switched on for backup in 30 minutes or less if one of your client’s own servers fails. It also backs up all company data and systems in the secure Sky Data Vault cloud, which means they can still access everything they need whenever they need it. Now, if something disastrous happens, be it a fire, flood, or other business mayhem, your client can still access what they need to keep their doors open and their employees focused.

Professional services firms of any kind:

If your client has a large amount of data or files, be it a law firm, an architect firm, a media or marketing company, or a medical company, they probably need Cloud Archiving – our newest service addition in line for 2019.

Implementing Sky Data Vault’s Cloud Archive means that your client can save all of their data for as long as they want or need, securely, reliably, and cost-effectively with fast access if they need to backtrack for any reason.

As a software consultant, the Sky Data Vault Cloud Archive helps you compete against AWS, Google, and Azure cloud archiving services with competitive rates. As always, there are no exit fees or virtualization costs. Our solution is simple and convenient, giving competitors a run for their money. Email us directly for more info:

We’re excited and ready to take on 2019 and all of the advances that are coming with it. As always, if you have any questions about data or disaster recovery, or are having trouble with the jargon we use, simply reply to this email and one of our team members will walk you through it. We’re always happy to hear from you. Find out more on our website.

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