Is a Pandemic the Right Time to Move to the Cloud? It Depends.

We are seeing more and more “work from home” announcements from businesses. The CDC is recommending Social Distancing as a way to tamp down the impact of COVID-19. A lot of businesses are looking for answers for how to make this work for their employees. Online conferencing is a start, but not the whole solution. We are working with our team, our partners, and our customer community to help them keep their workforce safe and their businesses running during this time.

Working from home is a great step to limiting exposure and spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). The challenge for businesses is how to enable remote work for as many people as possible. Does this mean that every business should be moving their infrastructure, systems, servers, software, etc. to the cloud? The short answer is no.

In 2019, Sky Data Vault launched Business in the Cloud – BitC – a new infrastructure as a service (IaaS) for small and mid-sized businesses. We have had many successful deployments and growth for the service. Sometimes, however, we realize it’s not the right answer for a customer. Sometimes the right thing to do is to take it a bit slower. The cloud is not always the answer.

In this time of urgency, we want to help you evaluate your decision. Is this the right time to move to the cloud or not? The answer is – it depends.

The right and wrong time for the cloud

When is it the wrong time to move to BitC?

  • You’ve just invested in new hardware.
  • You’ve got strict contracts with an existing data center or vendors.
  • A quick VPN would actually serve your needs.
  • You aren’t entirely sure what your business needs really are.

When is a good time to consider BitC?

  • You’re looking for a long term upgrade for performance and flexibility.
  • You want to create long term resilience for your business IT.
  • You want to enable long term options for remote work.

Most businesses are evaluating if and when their businesses will move to “the Cloud”.  Organizations are looking to refocus their time and resources on their core competency and get out of the IT burden of owning and operating your own mini data center at your HQ offices. Schedule a consult today to evaluate the cloud for your business.

Elasticity, Accessibility, and Resilience

“The Cloud” – and especially our BitC service – provides a way for companies to streamline and focus their IT efforts. More importantly, it delivers Elasticity – so that you can scale up and down as needed; Accessibility – so that your team can access your systems from anywhere under any circumstances; and Resilience – meaning you can recover from nearly any issue – malware, natural disasters and the most common culprit – human error.

But The Cloud can’t do everything or solve every problem. It is a tool for achieving business goals. Talk with a technology professional to evaluate your needs. This is a stressful period for business and for the people that run them. We’ll help you make a thoughtful decision. If you’d be better off with a quick VPN or other solution, we’ll tell you. If it is the right time for the cloud, we’ll make sure you understand what you will and won’t get out of it.

Information, not sales.

This is the time for us to help each other, not sell each other. We’re here if you need us.

Contact us today if we can help you evaluate the right solutions for your business during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We’ll give you straight answers about what is best for you at this time.

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